Rolex bracelet bracelet too long how to remove

Rolex  in the country is the most famous, the most popular watch brands . Product quality, durability, precision known. Whether it is to understand the table or tables of people do not understand, will know this Rolex brand, we can see its position in the minds of people. Some friends in the purchase of Rolex watches , the situation appears bracelet length inappropriate, then how to disassemble? Here watch House will introduce Rolex how to disassemble the chain.

Rolex bracelet bracelet too long how to remove

Rolex bracelet, a watch bring comfort to wear feel important original elements. Both through detailed ergonomic study, and watch their own design style with the same strain, the same rugged and reliable, magnificent magnificent. Such as the Oyster case, both the structure and function of all outstanding precision. Regardless strap and buckle design, its development and production processes, and rigorous testing required by both the full application of the brand’s advanced technology, knowledge and technology.

Rolex bracelet how to remove

Rolex bracelet how to disassemble, in fact, better to get the specialized repair of the table, let a professional repair master table to help. After all, such an expensive watch , especially K gold, they do not accidentally scratch the bad. If you insist on your own disassembly, first, we need tools, toothpicks, small hammer, small screwdriver.

Rolex bracelet bracelet too long how to remove

First spring axis table toothpick top buckle at the table, note the strap end of the line, not folding clasp that side. The first demolition bracelet friends to be careful, avoid table axis Danfei. Rear axle clasp at the removed side table with a removable section 5, section 4 has a removable side, there are five that part of the demolition. The insertion direction of the arrow with a small screwdriver holes, forced up top. If you plan to dismantle a button, then it is connected to the demolition of the section 2. Top of the F-type strap pin for connection. After removing the pin, strap becomes loose, take the next section. So watch chain demolition is complete.

Next is installed, insert the pin, pay attention to both sides. Can refer to the table section is not opened. Gently with a small hammer to knock the pins into the strap. Such Rolex bracelet demolition is complete.

Rolex bracelet bracelet too long how to remove

Rolex bracelet cleaning

In addition to bracelets disassembly, cleaning problems also believe that plagued you watch Friends, right? Although shiny metal bracelet, but wearing a long table with a chain, bracelet gap in the accumulation of sweat and dirt will inevitably blended sludge over time An unpleasant odor. This time we will as soon bracelet “bath” of the.

Rolex bracelet bracelet too long how to remove

Now remove the bracelet, put salt water soak for a long time. Then the water will find that some of sludge sedimentation, and the bracelet has not been off the sludge before nor so strong adhesion. We will remove the bracelet with a soft bristle toothbrush coated with a little toothpaste or detergent and brush lightly strap seams, then rinse with water. Finally, wipe dry with a soft towel look, dry naturally.

Note: If K gold material strap, as special materials, do not clean themselves. Best watch shop goods to a professional repair shop and let professionals handle.

Open a new interplanetary journey Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle Ladies watch

Bell & Ross Bo Laishi latest women’s watch design inspiration from astrology – Xinghai sight. BR S Diamond Eagle wrist watch midnight blue dial coupled collections of sparkling diamonds, like a seat flashing light in the darkness of the island, it is also tied to the wrist a touch of the night sky. The watch awakened wonderful planet trip. Swing between the hand from time to time, the journey Now that open. Immediate “check” to open the elegant night flying it!

Constellations for navigation

According to the observation of the sun, the first pilot to fly using visual navigation. When night falls, the stars began to lead the way for the aircraft. For pilots always give help and beautiful views of the night sky, BR S Diamond Eagle Watch expressed its respect.

Constellation flag

Long before humans fly at high altitude, it puts a human constellation used as a reference point on land or at sea. In ancient times, navigators who took advantage of the position of the stars in the night sky to determine their position at sea. Bell & Ross on Wye these stars with high esteem, without the help of these stars, and travelers who could not reach their destination. To commemorate the table, the brand launched the BR S Diamond Eagle, in a series designed for women to create elegant and sophisticated fashion watch, it is the latest development of a watch. It is equipped with the iconic squares with round dial, the combination of all the details of astrology, such as midnight blue dial, can penetrate the dark shiny metal hour markers, as well as representatives of seven sparkling diamond stars. All these constitute a mini galaxy, showing the watch.

Eagle symbol

Aquila diamond in the form of a pattern arranged in the dial, named “Eagle of Jupiter.” From the earth you can easily see this legendary constellation. The size and brightness of diamonds is a perfect rendering of the astrology. Bell & Ross want to use to spread their wings in the vast sky Bird – Eagle, showing extraordinary strength of this new watch, and linked to the god Jupiter. People will only majestic bird known as the “Sky King”, “territory of the Lion” is not surprising. Eagle wings symbolizes the powerful and strong control.

The perfect combination of technology and astrology watchmaker

With the constellation of diamonds and faceted hour markers constituted, BR S Diamond Eagle’s diamond watch disk utilization watchmaker create astrology craft show. Elegant midnight blue dial with sun ray pattern, which is characterized by diverging outwardly like the sun-like fine lines, thus confirms the brand independent design and manufacturing processes. Blue dial with varnish coating, delicate and profound. Time display legible, two slender pointer streamlined design representation. Any saw this beautiful lady watch will be the first time to think of the sky, such as entering a dream. Dial with airplane porthole design, through it, the elegant ladies can enjoy the bright sky. Case taken in 2005 to build the BR series, which is the foundation of brand reputation depends. Always use the icon iconic shape, ie circular band square design. A stainless steel processing of the watch and polished satin sequentially processed to form a visual contrast between the bezel and case, water resistant up to 100 meters. Its core with a reliable and precise Swiss quartz movement . Engraved on the back of the cover to follow Aquila designs, unique. Midnight blue alligator strap with pearl detail added a little blue for the melancholic style. Every detail of the watch have been carefully designed, nuanced.

BR S Diamond Eagle watches have two options, one of which on the bezel with 66 white diamonds, so noble and elegant watch into a fashion jewelry. This ultra feminine boutique watch exudes charm about the universe and the world.

Symbolism and exquisite design integration

The superb “Haute Horlogerie” (Haute Horlogerie) technology to play to its peak level it is a challenge. Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle brand achievements of this legendary watch. Premier watch astrology draw inspiration, so watchmaker Seiko fine system of this precious and exquisite jewelry art. This soft, feminine watch with the Milky Way decorate the wearer’s wrist. Bright stars, all in the wrist.



Technical Parameters

Movement: No. BR-CAL.102, quartz movement.

Function: hour and minute hands.

Case: diameter 39 mm. Satin polished stainless steel. Diamond section: stainless steel table ring set with white diamonds (66 stones, total weight of 0.99 karats).

Dial: midnight blue. Metal Xiangtie hour ring. With seven diamonds represent the constellation of Orion.

Glass: sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating glass table mirror.

Water resistance: 100 meters.

Strap: midnight blue crocodile skin.

Clasp: pin buckle insert. Satin polished stainless steel.

Barrel-type modern interpretation Appreciation Breguet watches Heritage Series 5410

this year, Breguet effort to launch a new series of heritage HÉRITAGE 5410 large date display watch , incorporate more complex functions in one. 12 positions with date display window for fine silver gold dial gift to one point of vitality, perfect fit case elegant double arc shape.

Sophisticated and detailed chi carve floral pattern, creating a rich texture, so that other functions when the count is more clearly visible, easy to read.

Breguet Heritage series HÉRITAGE 5410 large date watch with 18K rose gold or white gold, 45 mm high, 32 mm wide.

The new Breguet Heritage series HÉRITAGE 5410 large calendar display watch equipped with Calibre 5166 movement , Breguet years of innovative materials technology for ingenuity. Siliceous gossamer significantly improved performance when the total, while walking to ensure accurate, reliable and durable.

Summary: 2016 New Breguet watches Heritage Series selection of classic barrel-type case, still fusion Breguet classic coin pattern case design, brings a wonderful combination of classic and modern. In addition to large date display, the count when the series also has many exceptional complex functions, including chronograph, tourbillon and retrograde moon phase display.


Louis Vuitton TAMBOURMONOGRAM “day” women Tourbillon

Tambour Monogram “sun day” Women Tourbillon watch , goes masterpiece, carrying the Louis Vuitton La Fabrique du Temps advanced system table Mania carefully crafted the LV 80 movement , and familiar with complications: tourbillon. Surface of the central, two layers of plywood are placed under the parallel design of three petals shape, with the rotation of the tourbillon, disappeared four LV Monogram flower now when. In addition, self-winding function to make it more valuable. The transparent sapphire case back cover so that every inch of this exquisite design and craft fiber cents.

If not these beautiful, unique art of watchmaking in general, Tambour Monogram “day” Ms. Tourbillon can not be called a masterpiece goes. From the upper surface is decorated with classic Louis Vuitton flowers, can glimpse superior technology. Carved by chi carved mother of pearl inlay under snowflake diamond surrounded by stars like day care. Diamond snowflake mosaic of different sizes of diamonds randomly distributed mosaic, covered precious metal surface. From white and pink mother of pearl, diamond white, and blue to pink sapphire stone, soft color gives the watch delicate and gentle temperament.

TambourMonogram “day” Ms. Tourbillon

– 18K rose gold case , diameter 38mm

– Bezel set with 58 diamonds (1.1 carats), crown set with solitaire diamonds (0.16 ct)

– LV80 automatic movement, Louis Vuitton LaFabriqueduTemps research and development production workshop

– Functions: Tourbillon, midnight show

– Surface: solar radiation pattern chi engrave white mother of pearl, alabaster inlaid 386 diamonds (0.94 ct)

– Soft-gloss white alligator strap

– 18K rose gold inlay 103 pink diamond clasp (0.93 carats)

– Lugs inlaid with 48 diamonds (0.46 ct)

– Transparent case back, 18K pink gold oscillating weight

TambourMonogram “day” Ms. Tourbillon

– 18K rhodium-plated white gold case, diameter 38mm

– Bezel set with 58 pink or blue sapphires (1.2 carats), crown set with solitaire diamonds (0.16 ct)

– LV80 automatic movement, Louis Vuitton LaFabriqueduTemps research and development production workshop

– Functions: Tourbillon, midnight show

– Surface: solar radiation pattern chi engrave white mother of pearl, alabaster inlaid 386 diamonds (0.94 ct)

– Soft sheen fluorescent or dark blue alligator strap

– 18K white gold set with 103 pink diamond clasp (0.93 carats)

– Lugs inlaid with 48 diamonds (0.46 ct)

– Transparent case back, 18K pink gold oscillating weight

LV80 automatic movement, Louis Vuitton La Fabrique du Temps research and development production workshop

– Functions: Tourbillon, midnight show

– Diameter: 28mm (12.5 “)

– Thickness: 5.87mm

– Number of parts: 151

– Power reserve: 35 hours

– Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour

– Jewels: 28

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Series 1110U / 000P-B087 Watch

perfect circle, and the aesthetic essence of harmonious proportions. Inspired by Vacheron Constantin in the 1950s created watches, Patrimony series is minimalist model. It reflects the distinctive minimalist philosophy, to achieve the perfect balance between structured in a straight line and arc, highlighting its unique personality. 2016 on the 26th Geneva International Salon of Haute Horlogerie, Vacheron Constantin launched a new Patrimony Series 1110U / 000P-B087 watch .

Watch the whole show real shot:

Watch real shot show details:

950 platinum Round Diameter 42.00 mm, thickness 7.65 mm, the polishing process, the shiny crown embossed brand Maltese cross pattern, water resistant to 30 meters.

Disc-section slate gray, and when equipped with central hour and minute hands mark veneered bar, small seconds dial at 6 o’clock deputy position, time information at a glance, simple and pure, without the slightest frills. Every detail is pure lines highlight the beauty and rustic, to watch given the timeless and modern.

4400 AS equipped with manual winding movement , the 127 assembled parts, gems number 21, the vibration frequency of 28,800 cycles / hour (4 Hz), which provides about 65 hours of power reserve, engraved Geneva Seal.

Mississippi has an elegant black alligator strap, and with 950 platinum pin buckle.

Summary : Patrimony Heritage Series mix of Vacheron Constantin the most unique DNA, everywhere to show Vacheron Constantin timeless classic features, while showing the times of elegance. Patrimony Heritage Series is equipped with a simple movement of either excellent or complex movement, its roots are based on advanced reflect the purest watchmaking tradition.

The first luxury watch I always recommend Rolex

[ Watch House Recommended] first luxury watch in the end what to buy list ? Most of my friends believe that this is the first available table is a very difficult question, which I believe most of my friends share the table for the first time is a very difficult problem, because for the first time on the watch later I do not know how much. For me personally, I recommend the first watch Rolex entry-level watches, Rolex either from durable and accurate or that is in the hedge is a good choice, watch home today for everyone to recommend three entry-level Rolex watch .
Rolex Air King watch series 116900-71200

Watch series: empty Pa series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case Material: 904L stainless steel
Strap Material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Hong Kong official price: HK $ 48,000
Watches Comments: This is a Rolex watch in the 2016 Basel Watch Fair to launch the new watch, a Rolex empty Pa entry-level series, watch highlights of this year’s launch of the new and full of feeling with its Explorer series taste, this watch design with 40 mm diameter, 904L stainless steel case and bracelet to create, for the first watch recently want to buy a friend, a watch is definitely the most appropriate choice.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series 115200-72190 watch blue plate

Watches Series: Oyster Perpetual Series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case Material: 904L stainless steel
Strap Material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 34 mm
Domestic official price: ¥ 50500
Watches Review: Oyster case design, one of the characteristics of such designer Rolex, this watch uses a 904L stainless steel watch case and bracelet to create, 904L stainless steel Rolex special material, the value of twice the normal steel , superior corrosion resistance, this watch dark blue disk design, beautiful and stylish.
Rolex Datejust series 116300-72210 silver platter watch

Watch series: Datejust series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case Material: 904L stainless steel
Strap Material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic official price: ¥ 58900
Watches Review: Rolex Datejust watch , as one of the most classic Rolex watches, Rolex has a unique convex calendar display window, to watch with 904L stainless steel case and bracelet to create a silver disk with luminous hour markers bar design, simple reading.
Summary: buy wrist watch not only value table brands and prices should also be noted watches sale, I believe that in the domestic sale of Rolex brand is the best one to do, so I highly recommend everyone the same price first wristwatch purchased Rolex watch.

H MOSER & CIE portrait Release calendar classic HERITAGE limited edition watch.

H. Moser & Cie. Is celebrating its perpetual calendar watch ‘s 10th anniversary tribute to the extraordinary excellence of manual tabulation skills. Traditional and modern two elements found in H.Moser & Cie. All the timepieces, but also in this unique calendar classic Heritage harmonious blend of the limited edition watch, which is the past and present of watchmaking double Praise it also condenses the H. Moser & Cie. watchmaking heritage of 187 years of professional essence.

Calendar Heritage Classic limited edition watch was inspired by H. Moser & Cie. In the late 19th century introduced a H. Moser pocket watch. This pocket watch engraved case with bright blue enamel production, set with diamonds. This Schaffhausen watchmakers Thus inspired, the desire to re-interpretation of this masterpiece, gather the most exquisite artistry watchmaker production case. This watch case with double lid on enamel and filigree and engraved mosaic and other techniques, to create a grid-brushed; dial with a large fire (Grand Feu) enamel technique; in addition to independent design and manufacture of modern style manual winding gold movement : We can say that the classic heritage calendar limited edition watch called the watchmaking heritage. When the same time, founded in 1828, H. Moser & Cie, the historical significance of such a meter in size becomes larger and increase with the strap while fully retaining the original features of various models of the original – Therefore, it is a symbol of faithful harmonious blend between the traditional and the modern. In order to meet the contemporary needs of the two tables covered with red gold case increased in size, and with better lugs, but at the same time respecting the original design models. Up and down both sides of the watch is equipped with a table cover, top with a grid-brushed and hand-engraved decoration, has been extended to the side of the case, then through the highest standard of workmanship of enamel modified dial side also inlaid table cover diamond. This case is beautifully rounded shape and smooth like a pebble-like, together with crocodile leather strap, beautiful. Referring to the original design models, H. Moser & Cie. For the Heritage Classic calendar limited edition watch with a serrated crown with double crown system and the ability to stretch the Open button on the cover of the device.

Enamel dial also been modified, decorative Roman numerals. Minutes and small seconds dial design is also a reference to the original models, the same shall retain the original characteristics of the wedge shape and design as well as power storage and small seconds of two major blue flame pointer. A third central hand is black, by 12 time stamp indicating 12 months of the year, similar to the famous Yong’s calendar watch design. 3 o’clock position with a large date window, displayed by two discs.

This extraordinary watch with Rarity hard to find the HMC 341 Movement for the power source. The material movement with 18K gold, inlaid with two drills. Thanks to double barrel design, the movement to ensure calendar classic Heritage limited edition watch has a power reserve of at least 7 days. Independent design and manufacture of HMC 341 movement on behalf of nearly 200 years of watchmaking heritage of peak levels may, at any time of the day by the crown to adjust to any direction of movement back and forth. This superb “Haute Horlogerie” classic art calendar so firmly based Heritage limited edition watch the moment, become extraordinary timepiece of this era vole.

Technical Specifications – Chronology classic HERITAGE Limited Edition Watch 
No 8341-0400,5N red gold models, watch type case, white enamel dial, alligator strap
Watch type case, 5N red gold, diamond, enamel were modified
Diameter: 46.0 mm, thickness: 13.6 mm
Sapphire crystal glass table mirror
White grand feu enamel dial
Hand-painted Roman numerals
Wedge Blue Pointer
Arrow-shaped pointer small central month
Eccentric small seconds
3 o’clock Big date window located
Independent design and manufacture of manual winding mechanical movement HMC 341
Diameter 34.0 mm or 15 Lenny, thickness 5.8 mm
Frequency: 18,000 oscillations / hour
28 precious stones, gold screw-type base
Power reserve: double barrel, at least 7 days
18K gold and matte finishes plywood Itabashi, hand-chamfered and hand-carved signs
Applicable to all wheel and pinion helical gear and the Moser tooth system
Interchangeable Moser escapement
Original Manchester Raman dual springs (Straumann Double Hairspring®)
2 functionality with real diamond, situated within the shock absorber
Traditional balance wheel, the balance with gold screws
Gold pallet fork and escapement wheel
Central pointer month, 12 representatives of 12 month time scale
Hours and minutes
6:00 position with stop seconds function with the second eccentric disc
9:00 position with power reserve indicator
Leap year adjustment button and indicator
Double pull crown agencies
Hand-sewn alligator strap
18K 5N red gold folding clasp with Moser flag

Audemars Piguet–Simple is not Simple Love each other 15 400

With age, the more intoxicated can play with things, such as mechanical watches , such as manual camera; and watch , more and more addicted to the simple models, such as these three: Audemars Piguet 15400OR, 5227G and 5711 / 1A, are simple models are three-pin, are considered entry-level small table . Audemars Piguet 15400OR civil and military resources, to use the full weight and highly recognizable, wherever the focus is sight; Patek Philippe 5227 classic amplifiers, delicate amazing and gas field is very strong, playing up obsessed generals bottom; and 5711 is a true all-rounder, also has casual fashion, as this series 70’s playing time advertising slogan – both diving apparatus, but also a tuxedo, and the color temperature of the disk with the change from gray to light blue, full texture. This table covers a few pieces from dress to casual to sports, which can cope with any situation up. I have not measured obsolete me into them, not to look at the time, but due to the interest; it is decorated to retain memory and mood. Man of few words said on a few pictures. This major release Audemars Piguet FIG.

Continue to send.

carry on. Currently with most it is Audemars Piguet. Personal feeling, Audemars Piguet rose gold color most comfortable (compared the Patek Philippe, Lange , Jaeger-LeCoultre , Vacheron Constantin , etc.), neither Howard nor tacky, very elegant and full of texture.

Carl F. Bucherer Manero PowerReserve – Full Review

Hidden in the old days fatherly

       Memory father might not delicate but warm and reliable, he will certainly give the maximum to be your solid backing at the time low. Few words but full of wisdom, a sense of calm and introverted man is like when a reliable gauge to bring peace of mind to make you confident and firm. Top Swiss made ​​watch brand Carl F. Bucherer portrait presents Mali Long series PowerReserve watch as a good Father’s Day gift, thank all the way accompanied by his father.

Classical flavor filling qualities

Only experienced perplexed, faced setbacks suffering father, grown up to the generosity and perseverance. Long Bao Qilaimali PowerReserve wrist watch design and technology like a combination of ancient and modern compatible baptism through the years of life wise, low-key and full of meaning. Which watch is the first self-assembly CFB A1011 self-winding movement of the watch to display the power reserve indicator, the design is very classic timepiece charm; CFB A1011 automatic movement features the assembly outer edge of the two-way self-winding oscillating weight, power the drive wheel system; in addition, the movement is equipped Bucherer patented suspension system (dynamic Shock Absorption) and double adjustment system (Central dual Adjusting system), to strengthen the movement operation efficiency and reliability, called timeless watch share.

Legible calmly

       For to balance family and career balance father, it is particularly important to control time. Mali Long PowerReserve watch dial design clear and easy to read; a circular small cap at 3 o’clock, the use of indicators show the remaining power level. With the loss of power, the pointer along the red zone down slowly. In addition, the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock position of the week display 11 large calendar window position equally clear layout; silver dial is divided into inner and outer two parts, different shades of color; all functional layout is located in a light-colored inner range, darker outer ring is decorated with silver scales, dial with stainless steel case forming a pleasing tonal gradations; case diameter 42.5 mm, thickness of 12.54 mm, the size of just the right proportion; costume brown Louisiana alligator strap or stainless steel chain belt.

Mali Long PowerReserve watch Technical Specifications

Model: 00.10912.03.33.01
Movement: Homemade CFB A1011 automatic movement, diameter 32 mm, thickness 6.3 mm, 33 stones, power reserve 55 hours
Functions: power reserve display, large calendar window, day, hour, minute, small seconds
Case: 18K rose gold, double-sided anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal case back, water resistant to 30 meters and a diameter of 42.5 mm, a thickness of 12.54 mm
Dial: Black
Strap: Louisiana alligator strap with 18K pink gold folding clasp
Other models:
00.10912.03.13.01: silver dial
00.10912.08.13.01: silver dial, stainless steel watch case and stainless steel folding clasp
00.10912.08.13.21: silver dial, stainless steel case and stainless steel chain belt

Glashütte Original’s Senator Excellence

Glashütte Original development of new self-winding Calibre 36 automatic movement , so time return to nature. 2016 on 44th Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, Glashütte Original Release Original Mr excellent watch stainless steel black disk models, advanced design, classic appearance, while achieving high watchmaking artistic standards, both innovative ideas and practical value .

Watch the whole show real shot:

Watch real shot show details:

Case polished and satin matte surface lights and shadows, perfect fit.

Slim bezel and sides are coated with anti-reflection layer arched sapphire crystal glass table mirror provides excellent visibility and gives the watch simple elegance.

Ribbed crown with the brand’s iconic “double G” logo.

Using black dial , and the appearance of the curve beautifully decorated digits. White orbital ring and 5 minutes minutes marked contrast.

Slender white gold hands, when the arrow to the top of the second hand and hour are coated with Super-LumiNova luminous material on the label to ensure clarity in the dark.

Through the sapphire crystal case back you can enjoy 格拉苏蒂特 some decorative and structural features. Elegant hand chain on the chain – through deliberate design, when to watch manual on the chain, the chain will be on hand chain accentuates the wonderful operation of the process very enjoyable.

This watch by Glashütte Original’s own testing standards certification, and rate structure is stable, accurate and reliable, extended run time, enduring beauty. It is the sheer beauty of the art of watchmaking think Glashütte watchmaking art model: the famous observation table.